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Automatically generated statistics of Team Fortress 2 matches

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Matches 1058310
South Padre Ballers: RED vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v6214-Oct-2015 02:14:19
THE RAPE CAVERN: RED vs lolcp_metalworks_rc76v6214-Oct-2015 02:14:14
Power Pugs Sponsored: RED vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v6314-Oct-2015 02:13:47
Meat Market: RED vs BLUcp_gullywash_final111 players014-Oct-2015 02:13:43
UGC 6v6 Match: roast vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v6214-Oct-2015 02:13:38
Puck Fat: RED vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v6114-Oct-2015 02:12:56
Milters: RED vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v6314-Oct-2015 02:12:50
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs {[]}cp_badlands6v62114-Oct-2015 02:12:49
BLU vs REDcp_metalworks_rc76v6114-Oct-2015 02:12:44
pizzagon_homies_serve: shota vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v6114-Oct-2015 02:12:43
TF2Center Lobby #540474pl_badwater6v6914-Oct-2015 02:12:33
serveme.tf - 0d03_ vs REDcp_badlands6v61314-Oct-2015 02:12:25
UGC 6v6 Match: ggreat vs BLUcp_badlands6v6214-Oct-2015 02:11:53
yack me: RED vs RACISTcp_metalworks_rc76v61714-Oct-2015 02:11:36
T A C O T I M E: Raichu vs OkScrcp_badlands6v6014-Oct-2015 02:11:31
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs qt3.14cp_badlands6v6214-Oct-2015 02:10:05
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs Gr>Mcp_metalworks_rc76v6414-Oct-2015 02:09:55
Party Bus: RED vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v61814-Oct-2015 02:09:33
LA ATMOSFERA DEL MIX/: RED vs BLUpl_badwaterHighlander114-Oct-2015 02:09:11
SECRET SKATE PARK: RED vs BLUcp_metalworks_rc76v6914-Oct-2015 02:09:09
serveme.tf - BLU vs REDcp_badlands6v61514-Oct-2015 02:09:05
Putchugos Competitive: RED vs BLUcp_snakewater_final16v6414-Oct-2015 02:08:58
serveme.tf - BLU vs memeultiduo_baloo5 players114-Oct-2015 02:08:06
T A C O T I M E: Raichu vs OkScrcp_badlands6v61514-Oct-2015 02:07:18
6s SCRIM: :3)-< vs BLUcp_badlands6v6414-Oct-2015 02:06:20

1058310 results