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Automatically generated statistics of Team Fortress 2 matches

Uploaders 3928
Players 166071
Matches 1470425
GameServers.com Booke: rd vs BLUcp_process_final6v6027-Jul-2016 01:06:53
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs BLUcp_process_final6v6027-Jul-2016 01:06:51
Milters: RED vs HcWcp_gullywash_final16v6027-Jul-2016 01:06:46
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs puppercp_reckoner_b2a6v6127-Jul-2016 01:06:37
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs DADDYcp_reckoner_b2a6v61327-Jul-2016 01:06:29
UGC 6v6 Match: P vs BLUcp_reckoner_b2a6v6427-Jul-2016 01:05:12
Putchugos Competitive: RED vs BLUcp_gullywash_final16v6027-Jul-2016 01:05:05
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs BLUcp_reckoner_b2a6v6027-Jul-2016 01:04:49
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs BLUcp_reckoner_b2a6v6027-Jul-2016 01:04:23
serveme.tf - RED vs BLUcp_reckoner_b2a6v61627-Jul-2016 01:04:04
Valve Matchmaking: muma vs Worsecp_reckoner_b2a6v6027-Jul-2016 01:03:53
Street Cred eSports: RED vs BLUcp_reckoner_b2a6v62027-Jul-2016 01:03:35
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs BLUcp_reckoner_b2a6v6627-Jul-2016 01:02:45
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs BLUcp_process_final6v6227-Jul-2016 01:01:31
Community Highlander: RED vs BLUkoth_ashville_rc1Highlander1527-Jul-2016 01:00:24
PugChamp NA Open #1: RED vs BLUcp_gullywash_final16v61327-Jul-2016 00:59:46
UGC Highlander Match: TOS vs MDCTpl_swiftwater_ugcHighlander727-Jul-2016 00:59:36
UGC 6v6 Match | VST: RED vs TRASHcp_reckoner_b2a6v6027-Jul-2016 00:59:00
UGC 6v6 Match: Flanck vs 20XXultiduo_baloo5 players027-Jul-2016 00:57:29
TF2Center Lobby #734667cp_gullywash_final16v6727-Jul-2016 00:56:38
serveme.tf - BLU vs REDcp_gullywash_final16v6827-Jul-2016 00:56:38
UGC 6v6 Match: RED vs puppercp_reckoner_b2a6v61927-Jul-2016 00:56:00
PugChamp NA Open #3: RED vs BLUcp_granary_pro_rc36v6227-Jul-2016 00:55:34
serveme.tf - BLU vs REDctf_pro_bballUltiduo/BBall627-Jul-2016 00:55:33
bball.tf | los angele: wdick vs .kM^bball_tf_v2Ultiduo/BBall027-Jul-2016 00:54:57

1470425 results